Arrow Karts

The ‘Arrow' brand of go-kart represents almost 30 years of continual development. Arrow are a manufacturer committed to quality, performance, new technology and, above all, client service and support. Proving their pursuit of performance, Arrow Karts have won over 200 National Championships all over the World, CIK/FIA Championships in FA and ICA, the 2002 Rotax Max World Challenge Grand Finals in Langkawi, Malaysia and the Dutch round of the 2004 Rotax Max European Championship Series.


The parent company of Kosmic Racing Kart - Tony Kart - was founded in 1958. It is avant-garde approach from the design and technological points of view, which represent the essence and characteristic of Kosmic Racing Kart. Robotically welded chassis and components enable Kosmic Racing Kart to have the perfect marriage of quality and reliability.


FA Kart, like all brands of OTK Kart Group, designs, engineers and manufactures all products in its catalogue. They have three reference product categories: frames, accessories and clothing.