Technical Articles




Kart School: Fueling Your Kart
Author: Steve Polak

If you want to make sure your kart works as efficiently as possible every time. Here is Steve's tips guide


Karting Safety Guide Part 1
Author: Roger Polak

At MKC we want everyone to have fun and really expereince the thrill of karting, but we want to help ensure that everyone has fun safely. Here is Roger's safety tips guide for those who might need a few pointers.


Monaco Setup Guides
Author: Steve Polak

MKC has the skills and in house expertise to help you set up your kart and get to the front! If you need any help call us or you can check out these Monaco setup guides here.


Josh's Kart Clinic
Author: Josh Brooker

MKC's supreme spinner of spanners takes us through the process of a full kart rebuild.


Leopard Explained
Author: Roger Polak

The Leopard class keeps going from strength to strength. Check out how you can get involved.


Is it a Bargain or a Bucket?
Author: Roger Polak

There are some real shonky machines out there right now, here's a few tips to make sure you don't get one.


MKC kart setup guide Too much grip!

Author: Roger Polak, Steve Polak and James Sera

There was much talk about grip at last year's Oakleigh club champs and how the heat affected grip. This article may help those who suspected they were 'gripping up'.


MKC Quick Start Guide For 2007 10-01-07
Author: Steve Polak
Seeing as the year hasn't started yet and so there has been no racing we thought we'd put together a pre-race check list for those looking to enjoy their first race meeting ever. P platers get ready!