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Arrow Manual

Arrow Kart Owners Manual 2011 (3.95Mb) - DOWNLOAD


Arrow Kart Brochures

Arrow X1 Midget-Rookie - DOWNLOAD

Arrow X1 Junior - DOWNLOAD

Arrow X1 28 - DOWNLOAD

Arrow X1 30 - DOWNLOAD

Arrow X1 Shifter - DOWNLOAD


Arrow X1 Dirt - DOWNLOAD

Arrow X3-CR

Arrow X3-28J

Arrow X3-28N

Arrow X3-28C

Arrow X3-31C

Arrow X3-CIK

Arrow X3-31KZ

Arrow X3-31DD2

Arrow X3-Sport

Arrow X3-4S

Arrow X3-D Dirt

Previous Models

Arrow X2-CR

Arrow X2-28J

Arrow X2-28N

Arrow X2-28C

Arrow X2-31C

Arrow X2-CIK

Arrow X2-31KZ

Arrow X2-31DD2

Arrow X2-D Dirt


Monaco Manual

Monaco GP6 Owners Manual (1.5Mb) - DOWNLOAD



Monaco Setup Guides


Monaco GP6

Monaco GP6-Midget (pdf, 132kb) - DOWNLOAD

Monaco GP6-Junior (pdf, 126kb) - DOWNLOAD

Monaco GP6-28/30 (pdf, 82kb) - DOWNLOAD


Monaco GP5

Monaco B-Max (pdf, 152kb) - DOWNLOAD

Monaco 28/30 (pdf, 152kb) - DOWNLOAD

Monaco 30/32 (pdf, 159kb) - DOWNLOAD

Monaco Junior 101 (pdf, 152kb) - DOWNLOAD

Monaco Midget (pdf, 152kb) - DOWNLOAD



Kosmic Guides

Kosmic Mercury & Lynx Seat Position (pdf, 189kb) - DOWNLOAD

Kosmic Owners Knowledge Packet (pdf, 1,438kb) - DOWNLOAD

Axle Hardness Scale (pdf, 212kb) - DOWNLOAD

Retail Parts Catalogue (pdf, 173kb) - DOWNLOAD



Tecno Guides

How to set Caster (pdf, 392kb) - DOWNLOAD

Seat Position Chart - SS30/SS32 (pdf, 251kb) - DOWNLOAD



Leopard RL & X30 Engine Information

Leopard 125cc TaG Engine (pdf, 3,086kb) - DOWNLOAD

Leopard 125cc RL TaG K Engine (pdf, 3,166kb) - DOWNLOAD


Parilla X30 Fittment & User Guide (pdf, 2,189kb) - DOWNLOAD

Parilla X30 Overhaul Manual (pdf, 2,073kb) - DOWNLOAD

Parilla X30 Homologation Document (pdf, 624kb) - DOWNLOAD


Entry Form (pdf, 38kb) - DOWNLOAD

Scrutinering Form (pdf, 37kb) - DOWNLOAD

Waiver Form (pdf, 133kb) - DOWNLOAD

Code of Conduct (pdf, 532kb) - DOWNLOAD



General Downloads

Kart Preperation Sheet (pdf, 965kb) - DOWNLOAD (Lets you record your kart setup settings)

Oil Ratio Chart (pdf, 10kb) - DOWNLOAD (Calculate how much oil you need for your fuel)




|Arrow Guides|Monaco Guides|Kosmic Guides|Tecno Guides|Leopard RL & X30 Info|General Downloads|


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