Matt Lane Makes It To The Front
Author: Steve Polak and Jim Lane



At the Wimmera Kart club open on the weekend MKC Rookie pilot Mathew Lane had a great weekend’s racing and scored his first podium. Read on to find out how it all came together. . . . .


On Sunday, August 3rd, the Wimmera Kart Club (Horsham) hosted the Wimmera open. As it was the same weekend as All Stars Round 4 some of the fields were on the small side, but what the event may have lacked in numbers it certainly made up for it with excitement, fun, relaxation, speed - and a twist of interest. The track was to be run in the reverse direction, something that had not been done in race conditions for many years.



Most competitors showed up on the Saturday for a bit of a practice and a chat, before getting down to the business end on Sunday, with both days being mostly dry, but a little cool. Given the downpours down south in Puckapunyal over the same weekend we counted ourselves lucky to enjoy the fine conditions.


MKC driver Matt Lane was competing in the Rookies. He arrived in Horsham on Friday afternoon then off to the track early Saturday morning to set up pit, walk the track and then get into it. Once under way, it didn't take long before Matt had the hang of the track and then it was down to fine tuning with gearing and kart setup. Gearing in particular seemed to make a big difference on this track, with just one tooth either way having a noticeable effect. By mid-afternoon Matt was confident his times were reasonably competitive and it was time to pack up and head off for a bit of pre-race relaxation. Matt observed that the track was actually quite physically demanding due to the large radius double left hander at the end of the straight which is taken flat out, no lifting. If you take the apex too tight the bumps are terrific! Teeth rattling stuff! 


Sunday dawned nice and clear, and after carby Matt was off P2 for race 1. He had a great start and pulled 15 metres clear after the first couple of turns! Over the next few laps Mat was reeled in by a couple of experienced racers, but consolidated for 3rd position by the finish. A nice beginning!



Race 2 and again Matt pulled off a great start, tucking into the inside and "freight training" through to 3rd, running this position through to the end. Pre-final, Matt was starting off P3. He stuck with the leaders very closely, even making a couple of overtaking nudges. In the end Matt couldn't gain position, his engine just fading at the end (more experience needed in tuning was the problem here - not the engine!) but again a solid 3rd. The final was relatively uneventful with the field completing the first lap in the same order they started, and going on to maintain those positions until the end. It was another good, solid, error free drive from Matt to finish the final in 3rd position and 3rd overall on points. His first podium finish. Congratulations!




Overall, eight classes were run and won, results for each class below. Besides the usual podium, a trophy was awarded for the first P plater home. Thanks goes to Remo Racing for sponsoring the classes.


The day was a great success, a credit to the Wimmera Kart Club, and all competitors appreciated the opportunity to race at the track. If you are after some racing in a relaxed atmosphere, support the event next year, you won't be disappointed. 


1. Michael Geist
2. John Dankowski
3. Josh Tapscott


1. Stephanie Munn
2. Jarrod Rethus
3. Harley Benson


1. Clancy Purdie
2. Hayden Dodman
3. Nick Davenport


1. Ryan Broome
2. Joshua Munn
3. Sam Baker
P. Brayden Souter


1. Kyle Rethus
2. Mitchell Broome
3. Matt Lane


1. Ashley Lear
2. Chris Dodman
3. Steve Lee
P. Tony Ryan


1. Scott King
2. Michael Geist
3. Kelvin Crane
P. Peter Dunyhoven

1. Leon Forrest
2. Kevin O'Donohue
3. Peter Dunyhoven

P. Peter Dunyhoven