October Club Day Report
Author: Steve Polak


Gary Spencer


Truly horrible dusty windy conditions didn’t stop Oakleigh from putting on a great club day last week and many MKC drivers were in the thick of things as the day produced some great close racing.


Being the last round of the championship season October club day meant a lot to quite a few. In some classes championships would be decided and so the racing was tight and exciting.


Arguably the closest race this club day was in the ‘chubby chaps’ class, Clubman Superheavy. MKC Arrow driver Mick Fisher had a slender margin and needed to beat rival MKC Monaco driver Chris Heraud to win the championship. Chris had come to play on the day too, taking the first heat and then winning the second race, with MKC’s Steve Polak showing a return to form (having lost 10 kilos!) to come home second. The final was going to decide proceedings and with Mick on P2 and Chris on P1 it was a case of whoever came home first would be crowned champion. Mick managed to win the start and drove well to hold the lead for most of the race, but then Chris came storming home, clocking a 43.8 second lap time to take the win for the day and the championship. Well done mate!


Go Chris!



In clubman light James Sera put in a very respectable 41.4 second lap time and managed to secure the championship for the year with three straight wins. However the extremely competitive Franky Costanzo also did well to grab second for the day and the series and MKC Monaco driver Jason Spencer did enough to secure third place for the year by finishing not too far off the leading pack. Clubman Light has been brilliant to watch all year and other MKC drivers like Dylan Jordan and 3 times open winner Mark Appleby were also in the mix.


James, Frankie and Jason


Clubman heavy was a strangely small affair, especially considering the fact that it was a feature class this month. Franky Costanzo won all three races by driving superbly and wrapped up the championship, with Rhys Gooch finishing second for the day.


The clubman over 40s crowd had a great day too with Bruce McLean putting together the best drive we have seen from him to date. In a thrilling final Bruce diced superbly with the experienced Mark Poole, snatching the win after swapping the lead several times on the last lap. The other two places on the podium were also filled by MKC customers with Geoffrey Sharp taking second place and the much improved Rod Capuano coming home third. Russell Millar also proved he is going to be one to watch next year, finishing third in a heat and showing much more speed than we have seen from him to date. A special mention must go to Peter Gooch, who despite having had a nasty spill the previous weekend, managed to circulate scoring enough points to claim the championship win. Well done Pete! No guts no glory eh?


Russell followed by Geoff



The leopard action was also impressive, with James Sera steering his Kosmic T11 chassis to a solid win in the class. James managed a 39.8 second lap, a time that surprised many considering the blustery dusty conditions. MKC Monaco B-Max driver Michael Phillips also showed he has arrived as a front runner too with a second place trophy for the day. 2008 should be a good year for young Michael. It was also impressive to see James Hennessey performing extremely well in his debut race in seniors. James, who is still not off his ‘P’ plates, finished fifth for the day coming through the pack well in every race. That sprint car racing experience seems to have helped eh Jamie!


Mike Phillips


Leopard Heavy was dominated by the experienced MKC Monaco B-Max driver Michael Griffiths, as he won every heat. However everyone’s favourite kart shop mechanic Josh Brooker looked to be getting to grips with his new extended front end Kosmic T11 and finished second behind ‘Griff dog’ in every race. Well done Joshy! Just off his P plates Tecno 2007 spec driver Richard Camilleri also showed serious speed to come fifth and Dave Tolley steered his Tecno to third place in the championship for the year. Well done Dave!


Dave Tolley (and Simon is there too, must be Aug club day pics!)



There were also massive junior fields, with the midgets and rookies seeing good numbers too. A couple of the MKC front runners like Luke Cousins and Ben Capuano did well too, even if carnage was the order of the day.


Oakleigh’s officials and volunteers put in a super effort to keep the day running in hot gale force conditions and a special thank you goes to Fiona Graham for recruiting a host of new volunteers at the last minute to ensure that the meeting was run. See you at the club champs 24th Nov!


Trevor Garey having a GO! Trev will be in a Tecno in 08.


Race. . . . .to the pizza shop!


Leopard heavy action with Darren Charles and Trevor (again!)


James, Franky and Jason, duking it out in Club Light.


BIG field of Leoaprd Light (from Aug clubday actually!)



Many thanks to MKC Monaco driver Jeff Harris for the excellent images!