2008 Golden Power Series Rnd 3 - Bendigo
Author: Steve Polak



They descended on the small but enjoyable Bendigo circuit in droves. The third round of the Power Series was upon us and Steve, along with many MKC customers had decided to give the meeting a go, even though rain was forecast in a big way.


As is usual with the Power Series there was some time after getting set up for a bit of practice on the 490 m Bendigo track. The entry numbers for the meeting were very healthy, even though the forecast was for the heavens to open up at some stage with serious rain.


Saturday got underway with a minimum of fuss. Many MKC drivers hit the track to work out the best way forward setup wise. Lots of extra teeth and building in a ton of grip were the order of the day. The track was pretty good fun to drive even though lap times were comfortably in the 24 second bracket.


Tecno pilot Andy ‘Pup’ Yuill was fairly quick on Saturday in practice and so was Carey Stapleton in his recently rebuilt Monaco B-Max Rotax.


After a quick run on the track it was on to the order of the day, the first two heats which were to be completed by close of play Saturday. The Bendigo officials got things moving very smartly and were keen to get the day’s action over ‘to beat the rain’ which we were all told were coming.


All of the racing was in the dry on the Saturday, although the rain was threateneing. Clubman Superheavy was first up and the field of over 14 karts thundered around the track. Grip was reasonable and after a good start MKC's Steve P managed to snag a respectable fourth place. There were quite a few incidents on the track and sadly a few super's were left to watch the rest of the race from the sidelines. The second heat was a less hectic affair with most of the driver's holding station. Mick Fisher had a good race to snag seventh place from the back of the field "gee it is hard to pass around here", was one comment we heard from underneath Micks visor as he got out of his kart. The grid for Sunday was looking pretty good for Steve who had managed to snag fourth out of the 14 strong field. Then it poured down big time and it was a massive challenge to stay on the track. Steve finished ahead of a luckless Fisher who finished on the side of the track having explored the limits of wet weather grip and finding physics wasn't on his side. Robin McLennan did well to finish in his Monaco as did Chris Herrod. Then it was on to the final and after a few positon changes at the front Steve worked out that he could cruise comfrtably to third, but couldn't quite catch the first two karts. So sliding about and having a hoon on his own was the go for the remaining laps (the finals were shorteneed to just 12 complete runs of the circuit).


The big boy on his way to third.


Clubman Super Heavy
1st    Nathan Van Hurst
2nd   Simon Cuzens
3rd    Steve Polak


Just a little wet for Clubby Light- although Dylan Jordan loves it!


There were a few MKC drivers in this rather large field, but the likes of Dylan Jordan and Mark Appleby were only destined to have fun this weekend, while not quite getting towards the pointy end of the field. Dylan did have a good run in the wet in the final, having spun three times, however his older wet tyres didn't help and Mark has a shocking third heat and got out of shape and was T'Boned by a back marker. The rain in the last heat of Clubman Light was huge too, with the event almost being cancelled as a consequence. Mitchell McLeod put in a great effort to win the weekend and most of his races too. Local knowlegde and skill proving hard to beat in his case.


Mark Appleby in an uncharacteristic moment.


Clubman Light
1st    Mitchell McLeod
2nd   Michael Vantrick
3rd    Glen O'Brien



The over 40 Rotax field was quite healthy and the competiton for the minor places was pretty solid. Carey Stapleton liked the front of the pack as he shot to the top spot like a wild turkey sprinting for its feathered fate! Indeed Carey had a superb weekend scoring three first and one second places, to take the class very confidently. Tony Johnson also had a very enjoyable weekend, blowing away the cobwebs and getting some decent seat time after a break of several months. Tony’s Rotax looked the goods and while he had a few great sideways moments in the wet he kept it on the black stuff nicely.


In the final Lucas Burt and Frank Fella had a brilliant battle with the lead changing several times on the last few laps. Huge appleause greeted the field when they came in after the race, with Stapleton leading the pair by a big margin - well done guys!


Rotax with Carey Stapleton out in front.

Rotax Over 40's
1st    Gary Stapleton   
2nd   Frank Falla
3rd    Lucas Burt



In Leopard the racing was entertaining even if Ricky Lane and Mathew Bumpstead had the wood over the rest of the field. MKC's John Rynolds showed some good pace early on the Saturday in the first heat in the dry only to be denied by a stubborn Andy 'Pup' Yuill, who kept John behind him. This trend continued with the two having some great battles all weekend.


Alan Stack, not in his Leopard actually, but racing Clubman.


Leopard Pro

1st    Matthew Bumpstead

2nd   Ricky Lane

3rd    Darryl Wensley    (local driver)



The mature chaps had some great racing too, with Andy Yuill showing great speed in Clubman Over 40s. Andy's speed in the Tecno chassis in the dry was class leading, but there is still some work to be done when it comes to the wet weather action. Allan Stck also did some good work on the Saturday only to have it undone in the wet as he swapped ends in the wet. A big congrats to Steve 'Morgs' Morgan who had his first ever finish in a wet race though - good one mate! The over forrties action was extremely entertaining and congratulations to all involved.


Andy ‘Pup’ Yuill


Clubman Over 40's

1st    Ross Harrod

2nd   Tony Gibbs

3rd    Mike Dyke


In the Rookie Dylan 'Boof' Slitts had a fun weekend with a 5th early in the weekend. In the wet Dylan showed some potential, but unfortunately had a DNF in one of the heats.



1st    Liam Morey
2nd   Jayden Wallis
3rd    Blaine Densley


In Clubman Heavy Luke Dickson and Kiran Brennan both did very well in their MKC Monaco's. Brennan showed he is coming to terms with the new class father than expected and Luke put in some great driving and passing moves (especially in the wet), narrowly missing out on a podium finih, having to settle for fourth. This was the best drive we have seen from 'Dicko' to date and could be a sign of things to come with the C-Grade titles only around the corner


Luke Jacking it BIG TIME!


Clubman Heavy

1st    Brendan McGinniskin

2nd   Mitchell Cuzens

3rd    Nick Stray


The weekend was a lot of fun despite the trying wet freezing conditions. Steve would like to thank the other MKC customers as well as Bengido officials and drivers for a great weekend.


The only other comment we have to add for the weekend was our shock and sadness at the loss of a great customer and valued friend in Russel Miller. See news item for details.


The rest of the results are below as well as a few choice pictures.


Midgets Division 1

1st    Liam McLellan
2nd   Jake Dixon
3rd    Jordan Boys
Midgets Division 2
1st    Reece Sidebottom
2nd   Cameron Boys
3rd    Tristian Gredhill
Junior National Heavy
1st    Tyler Cramer    (local driver)
2nd   Gary Jacobson
3rd    Travis Kodric
Rotax Pro
1st    Kyle Bell
2nd   Chris Milthorpe
3rd    Dion Gretgrix
Junior Clubman
1st    Gary Jacobson
2nd   Travis Kodric
3rd    Jack Wynack
Senior National Pro
1st    Ashley Sinclair
2nd   Dominic Lostitch
3rd    Richard Dickie
Junior National Light
1st    Tyler Cramer    (local driver)
2nd   Josh Stephens    (local driver)
3rd    Jack Wynack



Luke doing some good work in his Monaco.