All Star Round 3: Geelong
Author: Steve Polak



In lovely sunny conditions Geelong turned on some great racing with many MKC drivers at the front in the more hotly contested classes.


MKC drivers helped hammer home the point that they represent some of the best Leopard drivers in the country by getting to the font and staying there with some impressive performances.


It was great to see two respected and talented 'young guns' take home the top silverware after having worked so hard to get to the front in Leopard Light and Leopard Heavy.


Michael Griffiths did a superb job in Leopard Heavy taking the top spot and winning three out of four races on the weekend. 'Griff' also did well in clubman, leading in the final of Clubman Heavy before an incident at the end of the Geelong straight saw him forced out, retiring with a sore arm. Michael showed serious speed to win in Leopard though, with his MKC Monaco B-Max looking the goods. He set a few laps in the 32 second bracket to prove his pace too.


Other MKC drivers like Richard Camilleri, John Reynolds as well as Dave and 'Pup' Yuill enjoyed the fast Geelong track, setting PB times over the weekend. Heavy delivered some great close racing even though the field was a little on the small side.


In Leopard Light the field was massive, with a star studded lineup. It didn't seem to bother the blue and pink Kosmic shaped blur that was Adam Hughes as he took on all comers and came up trumps. Starting in position 14 Adam moved up to take 4th in the first race setting the fastest lap time of 31.9 in the process. In the pre final Adam finished second and with Dave Sera in his sights took off after 'deadly' winning the final with a great drive as he wore Dave down lap after lap. Dave Sera's promising start was simply not enough to hold off a fast finishing Hughes in the Kosmic kart. Fellow Kosmic pilot and National Champion James Sera also finished third in terms of his point score for the day, keeping him in good shape when looking at the points for the All Star series.


James also put in a great drive to come second in that other hugely exciting category, Clubman Light. It look like the final round at Pucka should be a corker!