As far as winter club days go June was actually not that inhospitable, and plenty of MKC drivers turned up to take on the track and the elements for what was a fun filled day.




Leopard heavy was the feature class and some action packed racing was on the menu this month. Richard Camilleri threw the gauntlet down to kick the day off snagging pole position with a respectable 41.423 lap time. Andy ‘Pup’ Yuill and Dave Tolley did well to qualify second and third. Heat one then saw Richard drive well to win with Pup on his tail and Luke Andaloro getting past Tolley to grab third. The second heat saw a reversal of fortune for Tolley, who drove superbly to win from third, as Camilleri ended up with a DNF after leading for some time. So the stage was set for a ripper of a final, with Tolley on pole and Andaloro and Yuill hot on his heels. Dave got a great start and lead for a good half dozen laps or so, with Andaloro gradually reeling him in. After Dave’s great tilt at the front Andaloro managed to get past and Tolley then looked set for second.  However Andy Yuill was catching Dave, and looked like he might be able to pass. As a consequence the pair came a cropper on the last corner and Dave lost a few spots. It all ended a little messily with Yuill being declared a non finisher.



Clubman Superheavy also saw a few uncharacteristic on track moments, and plenty of great racing. The first heat was quite busy with Dennis Thomas on pole and plenty of action in the first few corners as the pack jostled for position. Mick Fisher got a ripper of a first lap in and leapt into the lead early. Then he just drove away from the pack. Mark Hunt followed him with Chris Heraud and Hunt engaged in quite an intense battle during the final laps. MKC’s Steve Polak managed to eventually pass Thomas, who drove his best race to date, to snag fourth. The second heat saw Polak sidelined by a fouled plug off pole position and watching a terrific race between Mick Fisher and Chris Heraud for second. Mark Hunt drove away from the pair and snagged an easy win. Indeed this was how he was to run in the final too, Hunt winning the day. There was drama behind him though with Mick and Chris getting tangled for the second month in a row, both ruefully watching the laps wind down from their resting place on the side of the track. The only fast mover through the field was Polak who drove from the last (as a consequence of his DNS) to second. A well earned win by Hunt though.



Clubman Heavy saw a small, but quality field take to the track, with MKC’s Josh Brooker making it three wins from three starts. The times were pretty good too with Brooker getting into the 42 second bracket and winning the day. If you want to see some of the racing you can even check it out on kartbook (http://kartbook.ning.com/video/clubman-heavy-heat-1-june) too.



Junior Clubman was also quite entertaining with again a small but quality field taking to the track. Michael Carless had a great day after a DNF to kick things off. His other two wins will stand him in good stead in the championship – which he is currently leading. However it was brother Bradley’s day to shine and take the win, with JC debutante Ben Capuano, in a borrowed kart and engine package, grabbing second place for the day. Ben had never driven the on the MG Red tyre but got the hang of it by the final, setting some fast laps.



Michael Carless also went very well in Junior National Heavy, winning by less than 30 points from Ben Capuano and keeping the championship interesting. Bradley Carless set the fastest lap in the final though with a 46.6.



In Junior Light Alex De Souza and Mathew Lane worked well together, making progress (both are quite new to the class and finishing in the front half of the field). Both are steady improvers who will be worth watching as they adapt to the new formula. Timothy Smythe won the day though, followed by Justin Francis and Mathew McLellan.




Leopard Light saw Adam Hughes continue his winning form in the Tecno chassis, dominating the day and taking three straight wins. Sam Garey did surprise by leading a heat in his Tecno and setting the pace early and it was also great to see Graham Smith take third for the day.




In the Midgets MKC’s Monaco driver Nicholas Simms proved he is continuing to build a formidable reputation as he won the first heat (congrats on your first win at Oakleigh Nikki!) and came second for the day. Overall Jordan Holowell was the winner with Jack Bell in third.



Tag R delivered plenty of thrills and spills, as it usually does with the Gilbee clan making a successful return to the class. Peter Gilbee scored the win with son Andrew coming third behind Daniel Phivopolous. Andrew Gilbee also set the fastest time for the day in his Tecno with a 42.810 – well done mate!



In the P-Plate class the easy going Bob Barnes, aboard his MKC Monaco 30/32, scored his first trophy with a well deserved second place. Dean Sperry won the day with Maree Yuill showing improvement and coming third. Oakleigh Newsletter editor Damian Andrews also put together some decent laps, coming second in one race.



In the Rookies there was some tough racing and it was great to see Martin Bass improving, coming 5th out of the field of 11. Damon Strongman won the class with a solid performance too.



Last but not least Rotax Pro was very successful with the largest number of competitors turning up to drive in the class for quite some time. Troy Tarrant did a superb job in his MKC Monaco X1, having only recently graduated from Tag R to grab second spot for the day behind the extremely experienced Wayne Bourke. Mark Hunt, also in an MKC Monaco, snagged third with some good driving. Hunt having only recently returned after a decent crash a few months ago. Luke ‘Grapes’ Dickson also did well to come 5th, keeping his championship points tally in reasonable shape.


All in all it was a great club day with plenty of Oakleigh members enjoying the cold, but fine conditions. Many thanks to Andre Daley for the excellent photos and the club officials for running what was a very pleasant day.