C - Grade Titles Report - Dylan Does Morwell!
Author: Brendan Jordan


Following on from his first open trophy at the 2007 Australasian 'C' Grade Titles, MKC Monaco Clubman Light driver Dylan Jordan decided to make a final assault on the 2008 titles prior to his move to a B-Grade licence and a leopard. Read on and enjoy Brendan Jordan's account of what went on at the meeting.


"Arriving late on Friday afternoon we missed an opportunity to get on track. However given our past experiences at Morwell we remained confident of being on the pace come Saturday. Hitting the track for the first of two practice sessions prior to the heats, Dylan found that he had lost none of his pace from his past two visits to Morwell and established himself as one of the guys to beat raising hope of a coveted first victory.



Computer challenges. . . .


With a computer draw used for all three heats Dylan found that he had a reasonable run for the heats with a draw of 19, 9 and 3. With a grid of 19 for Heat 1 Dylan's aim was to avoid the normal first corner carnage and pick his way through the field. Holding back from any major moves into the first corner Dylan slowly began picking his way through the field. Moving into 12th on lap 7, Dylan's Monaco GP5 was finally able to hit clear air and was beginning to show his true pace putting down successively quicker laps to finish with a 31.7 second time. All was good at this stage of proceedings.



Hoping to consolidate a solid start to the meet, Dylan approached Heat 2 aiming for a top 5 finish with a start from 9th on the grid. Getting a good start he moved in to 7th by the end on lap 1 and clearly had pace on the front runners. Unfortunately a pile up involving the karts in positions 3 to 6 resulted in a blocked track forcing Dylan out of Heat 2. With this setback to his quest for his first title we retired for the day to plan our Sunday assault on Heat 3. 



Rain?! . . .all normal at Morwell then.


Arriving at the track on Sunday we found a wet track and intermittent showers. With the track starting to dry and the need for a strong finish to recover from Saturday's DNF we took a gamble on setup for Heat 3. While the gamble did not entirely pay off Dylan was able to consolidate his position and finished in a good 3rd place. Courtesy of his strong 3rd place in Heat 3, we were pleasantly surprised to find that Dylan had achieved a competitive 7th on the grid for the final. With a dry track for the final and given his pace from Saturday we still held very strong hopes of taking out the title and giving Dylan his first victory. 




With a 15 lap final and starting in 7th, Dylan made a promising start to maintain position through the first corner while challenging for 6th. Unfortunately coming into the third corner Dylan was the unfortunate recipient of some adventurous driving and was turned around. The clutch did make it possible to rejoin, but it was a massive ask to get near the front.


Forced to let the entire field through before being able to rejoin safely, Dylan found himself stuck in 23rd with just 14 laps to recover. Putting his head down Dylan began a charge that saw him climb from 23rd to 7th in just 9 laps. Pulling a series of passes at a track that is noted as one of the most difficult to pass on including on one occasion passing 3 karts in one corner - one up the inside under brakes, one around the outside at the apex and the third up the inside on the exit - Dylan stamped himself as one of the class drivers of the field.


Once clear of the mid-pack Dylan set out chasing the leaders and showed his pace by being the only driver consistently in the 31 second bracket. In fact his final five laps were not only fast but outstandingly consistent with times of 31.91s, 31.91s, 31.94s, 31.90s and 31.91s.  


While disappointed that we could not give Dylan his well deserved victory, we were able to take significant heart from his gutsy and focused performance.



Dylan now looks forward to continued competitive racing in Clubman while also beginning a fresh assault as he takes to the track in an MKC Tecno Leopard package.


See you at the track.