Toyota IAME Leopard Series 2007
Author: MKC



2007– the year of the Leopard!


For the third year in a row Remo Racing, the promoter of the Toyota IAME Leopard Series, will be giving away 2 Brand New Toyota Motor Cars to the winners of the Light and Heavy divisions at the 2007 Leopard Series Final Shootout.


Also just announced is the news that all competitors in the nationwide Series and Final Shootout will now have the chance to compete at the 2008 IAME 125 World Final in Italy.*


A total of five trips will be won in 2007. These prizes for the lucky winners will include airfares, accommodation and the use of a spec kart, tyres and engine – everything you need to race on a level playing field against the world's best 125 drivers. These trips are valued at over $15,000 each, and are truly priceless as you can't buy your way in!


Competitors at the 2008 IAME 125 World Finals will come from all parts of the world, making this a truly international event.


What is the ‘Loyalty Prize Draw’?

A ‘Loyalty Prize Draw’ will be held between all drivers who compete at every round of their state's 2007 Leopard Series.  This prize is a trip to compete at the 2008 IAME 125 World Final in Italy* valued at over $15,000 each!  This Prize Draw does not rely on a driver’s results in any way, and gives every driver an equal chance to win an amazing prize.


Why have a ‘Loyalty Prize Draw’?

It is often the case that only the high profile drivers get a chance at winning such great prizes.  By having a ‘loyalty prize draw’ EVERYBODY who competes in every round is automatically entered into the draw and has a chance to win.  This includes a light driver, a heavy driver, a C-grader or a P-plater!

The 2008 IAME 125 World Final will not be held until September, this gives C-graders and P-platers time to get off their minimum licence and have their full licence status in time.  This obviously encourages drivers to race at every round in their State Leopard Series regardless of whether they are in contention for the series pointscore or prizes.


This also creates a scenario which may in fact encourage extra entries for the State Series in the following way. Some drivers may not be interested in racing at the ‘Leopard Series National Final Shootout’ for a variety of reasons – such as their location, budget or time restrictions. The ‘Loyalty Prize Draw’ gives them more of an incentive to race the State Leopard Series whether they want to race at the Final Shootout or not. It also encourages drivers to enter the Series who may have no realistic chance of winning the Series, as every driver has an equal chance of winning the ‘Loyalty Prize Draw’ regardless of their race results.


This Loyalty Prize is also a great encouragement for each State Series to be successful helping CLUBS maintain a high participation rate.


The ‘Final Shootout Prize Draw’

A second trip to compete at the 2008 IAME 125 World Final in Italy* will be given away in a 'Final Shootout Prize Draw' between all drivers competing at the 2007 Leopard Series Final Shootout.  Again, it is between all drivers competing at the event, regardless of their results.


This also encourages drivers who may not have a realistic chance of winning the brand new Toyota cars or other placegetters’ prizes, but are still good enough to qualify for the ‘Leopard

Series Final Shootout’.


Other Great Prizes for the Final Shootout

On top of these great prizes, there will be IAME Leopard engines to be won at the Final Shootout.  It all adds up to over $100,000 in prizes, making the 2007 Toyota IAME Leopard Series one of Australia's most rewarding Karting series' ever.


The Leopard racing class is one of the fastest growing classes in Australian Karting, due to the user-friendliness of the IAME Parilla Leopard 125cc engine.  The Leopard engine is a real race engine, which has been engineered to also provide great reliability and long periods between rebuilds.  The push-button starting and centrifugal clutch also make the engine more popular with drivers and clubs alike, due to the increased safety associated with eliminating push-starting.


The ease of use and the fairness of racing with a straight-out-of-the-box engine make the Leopard extremely popular.  This eliminates the age-old criticism of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ engines, leaving everyone on a level playing field.


The 2007 Toyota IAME Leopard Series builds on the success of the Leopard class across Australia.  Leopard drivers are crying out for opportunities to compete in racing series’ and events where they can not only test themselves against the best in their class, but also win great prizes.


Having TOYOTA Australia and IAME Italy involved as the major sponsors, along with events such as the 2006 Leopard Series launch attended by Toyota F1 driver Jarno Trulli, gains exposure both within and outside Karting circles.



To be eligible for prizes in the 2007 Toyota IAME Leopard Series a driver must compete in every round using a Leopard 125cc engine ONLY.


If required due to entry numbers, Leopard Light and Heavy classes may be combined and run together. In the event of this occurring, Series points and prizes will still be awarded for Light and Heavy classes separately.


In certain States if insufficient entries are received it may be permissible to run the Leopard Series within a ‘TaG’ class BUT only LEOPARD ENGINE COMPETITORS will be eligible for prizes and to qualify for the final.


*conditions apply



Series Rounds

  • The Leopard Class consists of a 5 Round Series run in each state with weights of 160kg for Light and 180kg for Heavy.
  • The top 10 in both Light and Heavy classes in each state will directly qualify for the Final Shootout.
  • Also, any Competitor who competes the whole 5 rounds in their own state will also ‘automatically’ qualify for the final shootout as a ‘loyalty-bonus’.
  • If insufficient entries are received for the final shootout it will be opened to entrants who have competed ONLY in their own state Leopard series to fill the grid.


  • As per AKA manual.

Race Format

  • Each state will run race format in accordance to what is in place in the particular state;
    Example; if a series in your state runs 2 heats and a final then that would be the race format in which you will race in other words we are happy to fit in with each state's racing format.

Entry Fee

  • The entry fee will be set by each state to fit in with their current series.
  • The Promoter Remo Racing does not want entry money whatsoever.  The entry money will be divided up by the club and the series organisers.  All we ask is that with the entry money the clubs provide trophies for light and heavy and also for the first C grader home in light and heavy class.
  • There are no terms or conditions set for a minimum of entries in each state to be eligible for the final shootout prizes.

Point Scores

  • Point scores will be run in accordance to the point score system already in place for the series run in your state.

Equipment Eligibility

  • There is NO restriction to the brand of chassis.
  • The Leopard engine is as perAKA rule book. Please also check AKA Addendums.
  • The Leopard engine must be manufactured by IAME SPA and Australian delivered by Remo Racing Pty Ltd which has all engine numbers recorded.

Tell me why Leopard class is so popular?

  • Easy, fun and affordable kart racing.
  • Parts are easily available from your local kart dealer.
  • Great prizes.
  • MG Slick Tyres only. All racers use same tyres.
  • Touch and Go! Technology. On-board starter with self-charging system. No pushing!
  • Great for drivers who work and have little time for maintenance.
  • Drivers will spend more time having fun and participating for great prizes.


Frequently asked questions:

What do I get if I succeed in the Leopard series?
Remo Racing offers their successful drivers great prizes including cars, kart products, trophies and submits press releases recognizing Leopard drivers in the Karting Magazine and karting web sites.

Can I modify my Leopard engine?

No, Leopard is a spec engine where everyone races in equal conditions (as per AKA manual). This is the ONLY class in the AKA racing categories that you can buy and run it OUT-OF-THE-BOX-RACING. The difference is made by the drivers' skills and their ability to set up their karts.

Who is the Leopard manufacturer?

Leopard was created by the largest manufacturer of kart engines in the world, IAME Spa. Parilla-IAME engines are recognized worldwide as the best in the market.

Who can race Leopard?

A, B & C licence holders including P platers.

Where can I get a Leopard and what about service?

MKC has a full range of Leopard engines, new and second hand Leopard karts as well as lots of experience when you are looking at going Leopard racing, so give us a call if you are interested. There is always something new and exciting on the shop floor to tempt your eye.





Features of the Leopard include:

  • Electronic Ignition
  • Electric Starter Motor
  • Centrifugal Clutch
  • Tillotson Carburettor
  • Alternator



The Parilla Leopard is one of the most user friendly kart engines ever produced, with long engine life between rebuilds, easy push button starting, tuneable Tillotson carburettor and an alternator to keep the battery charged while the engine is in use. The complete engine kit is 'ready to race' including engine, radiator, battery, airbox, and all connections and hardware - simply bolt it on and go racing!


Call MKC to get a Leopard and get racing in 2007!