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Arrow X2


The all-new Arrow X2 kart range has been re-designed to deliver even more performance and user-friendly features, not to mention the stunning new look which will ensure you are not missed on or off the track. Backed by Arrow’s reputation for innovation and quality, along with service and technical support of us at MKC, the new Arrow X2 gives you the power to perform!


Here are just some of the new features (not all features available on all models)...

  • European high grade steel stub axles with 17mm or 25mm shafts
  • 3 position adjustable Ackerman, with 2 position steering sensitivity adjustment
  • Stylish new 2012 CIK homologated KG bodywork
  • Arrow X2 graphics kit including full colour floortray graphics



Current Models


X1 Midget-Rookie | X2 28 Junior | X2-28N | X2-28C | X2-31C | X2-CIK



Current Packages


X2 Sports Package | X2 CIK Package | X2CR Comer Package | X2 Rotax/X30 Package


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